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Education is the first line of defense against dangerous and potentially catastrophic weather events such as hurricanes.

Teaching young people is an essential step in informing families about the vital types of preparation needed to prevent damage to property and, most importantly, protect people against injury and save lives.

StormZone is a school-based outreach educational program designed specifically for middle and high schools that help students understand the importance of advance preparation when confronting severe weather.

Created by Bay Proby, President and CEO of Proby & Associates, Inc. in 2006, the program provides schools with a take-home instructional brochure for students that instruct families on how to prepare for a dangerous weather event.

Through classroom simulations, StormZone also provides students with an opportunity to learn, first-hand, how to plan, prepare and recover from hurricanes. After reviewing the program information provided by the teacher, students re-configure their classroom to represent an Emergency Management Operations Center.

They form their own civic government by electing a Mayor, and appointing an Emergency Manager, Fire and Police Chief and Public Information Officer. The remaining students are designated to carry out specific emergency management functions such as housing and shelter, energy services, health and medical care, food and water, transportation and communications that are critical to planning, preparation and recovery from a severe weather event.


In addition to these classroom activities, approximately 40 school students participate in a severe weather simulation at their local Emergency Management Center (EOC). On the EOC field trip, students take the seats of the adult emergency managers, mayors and Emergency Support Functions (ESF) to experience what actually transpires "behind the scenes" during a severe weather emergency.

As a result of this hands-on experience, students learn about the EOC's organizational teamwork and management skills that are required to deal with a dangerous weather event. During these simulations, students conduct a variety of problem-solving exercises; they are presented with emergency situations that require the participation of all the officials and the emergency support personnel to ensure the safety of community residents and achieve a full post-storm recovery.

For instance, the student Mayor conducts a press conference before the storm hits to inform student reporters on preparedness measures being taken, and another after the storm has passed in order to assess the damage sustained by the city and to outline recovery efforts.

To provide a venue for the entire middle or high school, the simulation may be reenacted in the school's gymnasium. The same configuration in the classroom and the EOC is arranged on the gym's basketball court. This option allows the school to invite government and emergency management officials who speak to the attending students while the simulation is being conducted. As each challenge is completed, the students coordinating the simulation review how they resolved the problems.

In addition to this exciting and challenging in-school learning activity, the gymnasium option also showcases the Hurricane-Resistant House Demonstration. In this module, classroom teams construct houses using specified paper and plastic materials to determine the strength of the structures against hurricane-force winds, which can easily and safely be simulated in the gym by using a leaf blower. Students who built the strongest houses - or any that remain standing - receive prizes.

StormZone is a classroom educational program owned and operated by Proby & Associates, Inc., in affiliation with Hurricane Warning at Disaster Survival House Deerfield Beach, Florida. The program is registered with the United States Copyrights Office.

For information about StormZone, contact Bay Proby at Proby & Associates, Inc. in Miami, Florida. His phone number is (305) 613-4668 and email address is bp@stormzone.us.

Please visit our non-profit educational programs website – StormZone.us.



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